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From humble beginnings in her hometown in Sicily, where she grew up, Palmira Rigoli came to Australia at the age of 18, to make this country her home.

She has always had an interest in cooking and experimenting with ingredients. After being diagnosed with coeliac disease, Palmira's interest was increased, and she started her own company to cater for people with similar issues. Palmira's philosophy is that with such an abundance of delicious, fresh foods available, you should be able to create wonderful, healthy food at little cost; this is about eating and enjoying good food while keeping to a budget, using the freshest ingredients possible.

Readers familiar with Palmira's recipe books may notice some old favourite recipes have been made-over, and are included in her fresh, exciting, latest publication, "Totally Gluten Free". Palmira's hope is that her new book will “cater” for people from all walks of life and give people with a dietary issue a new experience, helping with what can be a debilitating problem; a food sensitivity. While  extensive research has been done, as well as consultation with health professionals, we urge anyone with a food sensitivity or allergy to consult their doctor or dietician before making any drastic dietary changes, since no book can claim to be all-inclusive. We also recommend that readers check the ingredients list on all bought products, even familiar products, since manufacturers can change their recipes without notice.

Being forced into converting to gluten-free bread, which she did not enjoy, Palmira began the adventure of working on her own gluten-free bread mix that has eventually surpassed expectations. Crafting tasty gluten-free bread, and similar foods, is quite a challenge as the most important component in bread – gluten, which is required for elasticity and taste – must be left out. Palmira has now developed a recipe, in co-operation with FG Roberts, a long-standing, reputable company specialising in Gluten Free Products for many decades. This recipe, “Palmira’s Multi-Purpose Bread Mix”, allows you to create delicious savouries, bread rolls, focaccias and pizza bases, and can also be the basis for sweet applications such as pancakes, scones, pikelets, etc. "Palmira's Multi-Purpose Bread Mix" is egg, dairy, gluten, wheat, soy and maize free!

During the years since her diagnosis, Palmira has had the pleasure to demonstrate Gluten Free cooking to a variety of audiences. This has been the most enjoyable experience; meeting many of you and hearing your stories. Your support and ideas have meant so much and she treasures each and every encounter. Palmira is looking forward to sharing many more of these moments and meeting more of you throughout the years to come.

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